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Couch Cleaning

Bursa Kelebek Carpet Cleaning Factory also stands out with its on-site upholstery cleaning service. We visit our customers' homes and workplaces to clean their sofas on-site in the most effective way. Our advanced technology and professional equipment ensure a deep clean of your sofas. We use eco-friendly and fabric-safe cleaning products to maintain the original vibrancy of your sofas. Special cleaning methods suitable for all types of fabric ensure no harm to the texture and colors of your sofas. Our team is trained and experienced in upholstery cleaning, guaranteeing perfect results in every service. Our fast, efficient, and reliable on-site sofa cleaning service respects our customers' time. After cleaning, we ensure your sofas dry quickly and are ready for use. Our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach offers a high-quality and meticulous cleaning experience at every step. Bursa Kelebek is here to provide you with the best on-site sofa cleaning service.



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